Mack shouted, “You get on my nerves, Cheese!”
“Leave me alone, Mack!” said Cheese as he left the room. Cheese had been annoying Mack ever since breakfast was over! “You shouldn’t have drank all of the orange juice!” Cheese continued.

Dad yelled, “I need yall to calm down, RIGHT NOW!”
Mack thought to himself, “Why do parents yell when they tell us to calm down and stop yelling?”

Cheese reached the kitchen, “Hey Mom! Let’s bake some cookies. I’m hungry!”
She replied, “First of all, I need you and your brother to stop with all of the noise! And second.” She paused.
“And second, go get the mixer and let’s make some cookies!”

Meanwhile Dad made his way into Mack’s room.
Dad asked, “How’s it going, Mack?”
Mack let out a sigh and replied, “You know, it kinda sucks right now, Dad! I think we’re all frustrated. You’re yelling, Cheese and I are yelling. But he’s been getting on my nerves all morning. So I kicked him out!”