“OK Cheese. The tickets are $25 each, right? And there are four of us. 25 + 25 is what?” thought Mack.

He scribbled something on the paper then erased it.

“Do you need some help, bro?” asked Cheese.

Mack admitted, “Yes, I do. Write this down as I talk. 5 ones + 5 ones equals 1 ten. Write a zero. Now, 2 tens + 2 tens + 1 ten equals 5 tens. Write a five in front of that zero. So 25 + 25 = 50.” He sighed, “I give up!”

“Oh no you don’t! You are halfway there. Add 50 + 50.” Cheese encouraged him.

Mack worked on the math problem some more and circled his answer. “Alright, let’s go Cheese! Time to see if we are right!”

“Mom! Dad! Come to the table. Family meeting time!” Cheese announced.

Mack unfolded his paper and started explaining. “OK Dad. You said if we get this question right, you would take us to the Bold Pineapple Plantation. With Cheese’s help, I think we have got the answer. So here it is. $25 tickets for four people is $100.”
Mack smiled. “So what day are we going?!”

Dad smiled too, “Good job, guys! We have to check the internet for opening times. But we will take you guys before we leave. Plus! I like pineapples too!”