“Guess what day it is, Cheese!” said Mack excitedly.

“Is it FRIES-day!?” Cheese said jokingly.

“Stop being silly! It’s Saturday! We have a lot on the schedule. Dad already said that we need to take the trash to the curb, then we’ll have breakfast, then cartoons, and then movie day!” announced Mack.

Dad interrupted, AND we might go to the store and get the car washed.”

“We’ll pass! We went to the store with Mom yesterday. We don’t want to go again today… cartoons! Have fun though!” said Cheese.

The morning went just as Mack had said: trash, breakfast, and silly cartoons. A couple of hours later, Dad came back from his errands.
He walked into the living room and immediately challenged the boys, “OK, which one or ones of you wanna play me in a game of Candy Landing?!”

“Puh-leeze, Dad! I always win!” bragged Cheese.

“I’ll play too!” added Mack.

Dad and the boys ended up playing 5 games.

Dad smiled, “Looks like I’m the champ, Cheese! I just you guys 4 out of 5 times!”

Cheese sighed, “Beginner’s luck. Next time, you won’t be so lucky!”