This day will go down in kid history!! For the past month, Mack and Cheese aka the Sage Creek Leadership Academy has been watching folks read to them online.

“Cheese! It is story time! Come into Dad’s office! Let’s watch!” Mack said. He was already glued to the computer screen.

“I had to grab my popcorn!” said Cheese as he munched into the room. “What is today’s book?”

“Shhh! She is about to tell us.” Mack whispered.

And the lady on the screen began to talk, “Today’s story that I will be reading it Dr. Moose’s ‘You Will Go Places!’ Before we begin, I would like to say hello to a few of our friends out there watching. Olivia, Kendall, Kyle, Karter, Stacy, Kelly, Mack and Cheese! They all seem to be watching every week! We do read the comments, guys!” Michelle said.

The boys looked at each other in amazement.

“DAD! Did you hear that!? The Forever First Lady knows our names!! I have to go tell Mom!” Cheese was very excited to say the least.