Mack and Cheese gave each other a fist bump. Not the exploding kind, just a simple bump to say “YES!”
The boys were in the backseat of the family car and on their way somewhere… ANYWHERE! As long as they were out of the house and neighborhood, they were glad to be going out.
Mack whispered to Cheese, “We’re free…ish!”
Cheese leaned over and said “I know. I wonder where we’re going.”
Just at that moment, Mom turned around from the passenger seat and said “I convinced Dad to take us to get some ice cream. AND you guys should learn how to whisper!”
Dad pulled up to the ChillyRock Creamery. It was Mom’s favorite ice cream place. We all ordered medium ice creams with waffle bowls. Mack got the strawberry sorbet with sprinkles. Mom got the Maker’s Masterpiece. Dad & Cheese got the same thing: The Batter Up (cake batter ice cream with sprinkles and yellow cake).
The cashier said with a smile, “That’ll be $44.19.”
“44-19?!” Dad shouted angrily. “Boys put those spoons down and give the nice man his ice cream back! We all can eat from one bowl!”