“Man! It’s a great day to be outside, Cheese. “said Mack.

Cheese reasoned, “You should ask Mom if we can skip over lessons and just go outside and play today.”

Mack thought for a bit and replied, “Nah, not yet. We ain’t even have breakfast yet. Mom ain’t havin two straight days of no school!”

Mom was listening in on the convo. “I’m glad you know that, Mack! As soon as breakfast is over, we’re starting school. Cheese will be doing ‘Math U Can See’. And Mack, we’ll be going back over our book, A Big House in a Little Bit of the Woods’.”

Then she walked into the kitchen. Mom made thick grits, tasty hash, crispy bacon, and well-done, scrambled eggs. It was DEE-licious!

Mack and Cheese devoured their food. It was so good.

Mom turned from Master Chef to College Professor, real quick! “Cheese, grab your counting blocks and show me the number ‘712’ and then ‘689’.”

She turned to Mack and said, “Start reading on page 86. And read out loud! You need the practice!”

Cheese mumbled, “So much for another free day.”