“Today, let’s be artistic, Mack! I am going to draw in my sketch book.” Cheese said. “I really have to learn how to draw the Revengers. The face of Black Jaguar is so detailed. Where are my crayons?”

“Dude! Do you know how hard it is to draw details with a crayon? You need a sharp point to create details, Bro!” Mack instructed.

Cheese felt a tad bit offended, “I keep my crayons extra sharp, man! I have already attempted to draw most of the other Carvel characters: Ironknight, The Incredible Bulk, Major Pain, and the others. They were not my greatest pieces of work, but my Black Jaguar HAS to be the best. He is my favorite!”

“I hear you, Cheese. I was reading a book the other day on how to fold paper into different shapes. It is called origami. I saw someone fold a silver chewing gum wrapper into a flower and it was so cool. We can make some money from that. You sell your drawings and I will sell my origami. We will be rich and able to buy all of the Brix we want!” Mack pitched the ideas to Cheese.

“SLAP! Sounds Like A Plan! I am glad Mom bought us sketch pads and journals. They keep us busy. You start folding and let me start drawing.” Said Cheese.