“Hey Mom! Can we go down to the park and fly some kites? It looks nice and windy outside.” asked Mack.

Mom stepped out on the front porch. Cheese and Mack came out right behind her.

“Well can we?” begged Cheese.

“Calm down, guys. You have to look at the clouds too. If the clouds are dark and the winds are high, that means a thunderstorm is coming.” advised Mom.

“Well there’s no lightning and the clouds aren’t dark. Pleeease say we can fly our kites.” Mack pleaded.

“OK. But I’m staying right here on the porch and when I yell ‘Come home!’, you guys need to come home quickly!” said Mom.

“Let’s go, Mack! Before the weather changes!” Cheese said as he jumped off the porch.

Mack ran out of the front yard. “Wait up, bro! You’re gonna need my help getting your kite up.”

The boys sat on the end of the slides and assembled their kites.

“OK. Let’s head over into the middle of the field, so we won’t end up in the trees. Turn to your right and let out some string.” instructed Mack.

“Piece of cake. Here we go! 1-2-3!” said Cheese as Mack tossed his kite into the breezy sky.