“Mack! Cheese! Report to the schoolroom. This is your art instructor speaking.” Dad said in his teaching voice.

“You sound silly, Dad.” laughed Cheese.

Dad smiled, “Grab your sketchpads. It is time to draw!”

“Cool! What are we drawing this time, Dad?” asked Mack.

“Today, we are going to draw the national flag of Nigeria!” Dad announced. “Mom said that she is teaching you guys about Amazing Africa. So Cheese, go find out what the flag looks like. And Mack, go find out what its colors represent.”

Mack and Cheese went to their computers and researched the Nigerian flag.

Cheese came back first. “OK Dad. The flag is the usual rectangle. The flag is green, then white, and then green again.” Cheese reported.

“That is correct, sir! Good job, dude.” said Dad. “Mack what do you have for us?”

“The colors are indeed green, white, green as my brother has said. The green represents natural wealth and the white represents peace and unity.” Mack said.

“Another good job! One day, I hope we can all take a trip to Nigeria. There are some great people from there.” said Dad.