“Hand me my coloring book, will ya Mack?” asked Cheese extending his arm towards his brother.

Mack grabbed the Revenger coloring book from the bookshelf and handed it to Cheese.

“Thanks, bro. I feel like being creative. Coloring outside the lines makes me feel free.” envisioned Cheese.

“Outside the lines? Sounds like a mess to me! I am going to ask Mom if I can get the paint supplies. You color and I will go paint… if she says ‘Yes’.” said Mack.

Mack left Cheese at the schoolroom table and went to find Mom. Her and Dad were outside in the garden.

“Mom, can I get the paint supplies and paint?” asked Mack. Mom looked up from fertilizing her okras and said, “PAINT?! What do you plan to paint, sir?!”

Mack had an answer ready, “I was gonna paint those flower elephants you already have on the canvasses in the schoolroom!”

Mom smiled, “Oh yeah! I forgot about those drawings. You gonna paint them without me?”