It was Friday night. Mom, Dad, Mack, and Cheese were sitting on the back deck eating dinner.

“Hey Dad. Do flies and ants have noses? It seems they only come around when you’re grilling or when we are eating outside. They are annoying.” said Cheese.

“They are very annoying, son. I’m not sure if they have noses. Flies have like 100 eyes and ants have long antennas. I think that’s how they know when food is around.” replied Dad.

Mom laughed, “Let’s pack up real quick and finish dinner inside.”

They packed up the food, plates, and silverware and went inside.

“Mom! This corn is delicious.” said Cheese.

“WHOA! Look at me, Cheese. Now say ‘fee fi fo fum’!” requested Mack.

“Fee fi fo fum. What’s up?” Cheese said confused.

“BRO! Your loose tooth came out!”

Cheese felt the empty space with his tongue. “It’s gone! But where is it?!”

They looked all around the kitchen table. It wasn’t there. Mom went back outside on the deck.

“Cheese. I found it! The ants have too! They are carrying it away!” she said.