“Dad, since we did not catch any fish, can we play video games when we get home?” asked Cheese.

Dad thought for a moment and let out a soft sigh.

“Yeah. You can. Just help me unload the truck first.” replied Dad.

It was a pretty quiet 30-minute ride home, besides the music on the radio. Dad backed the truck into the driveway.

“OK, Dad. I got the fishing rods, bait, tackle box, and our boots.” said Mack.

“And I will get the cooler. Hurry up, Mack! It is video game time!” Cheese said excitedly.

The boys washed their hands, took their showers, and started playing.

“I just love this Revengers Force game. It is so realistic. It’s like we’re in the game.” smiled Mack.

“Well, I want to play something else. I am tired of that game!” whined Cheese.

Dad interrupted, “Well! I need you to turn the video game off. We have to watch the news right now.”

“Awww Dad!” the boys said at the same time.

Dad announced, “The 2020 election has been called and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have won. This is historic!”