“OK Dad! I think I am ready to grill hamburgers and hot dogs. OK?” asked Mack.

“Are you sure?” asked Dad.

Mack replied, “I think so. Where do I begin?”

Dad smiled, “It is time! OK first, you need to get the charcoal lit. Grab the light. Fill the chimney with paper on the bottom and charcoal on the top.”

“But won’t the coals be hot?” asked Mack.

“Well you want the coals to be hot or else the food won’t cook.” Dad instructed.

“Gotcha. I need to clean the grill, right? And then set the grill to the side. I saw you do that the last time you grilled the ribs.” said Mack.

“Boy you about to make me cry! That’s exactly right! Clean the grill… it’s called the grate. That way you are not cooking on top of old food. Now let’s get these coals lit.” said Dad.

He showed Mack where to light the paper for the coals. And the smoke started. They went inside to prep the meats and pick the sides.

“Mom. While our coals are getting ready, let’s work on our sides. We will need a salad, baked beans, corn on the cob, and brownies.” Mack said.

“Ooo! That sounds delicious. Am I making all of that? Or will you be needing my help?” Mom asked.

“Uhhhh. I have to get back to the grill!” Mack replied.