“Hey Cheese. Do you remember when we saw that space shuttle sitting on top of that airplane in Houston?” asked Mack.

“I remember we were in Texas and I saw a space shuttle. I don’t remember if it was sitting on top of another plane though.” replied Cheese. “What about it?”

“Ah. Nothin much. This TV show is talking about shuttle and rocket launches. There’s going to be an XtraSpace Eagle 9 launch next week. Let’s see if Dad can take us down there.” Mack announced.

Cheese looked down the hall towards Dad’s Man Cave.

“His door is closed. He’s probably in there. We can see it as a homeschool science field trip. What else can we throw in there to make this a fun trip?” Cheese asked.

“The mouse place is nearby. That’s always fun. Mouse and rockets! TO THE MAN CAVE!” said Mack.

Mack and Cheese went down to Dad’s door and knocked.

“Who is it?”

Mack and Cheese looked at each other and knocked again.

“Who is it?” Mom answered.

“Mom? What are you doing in there? They said together.

Dad opened the door, “She’s hanging out with me? What’s up?”

“I’m kinda glad both of you are here. Cheese and I have an idea for a homeschool field trip next week.” Mack said.