Cheese bragged, “Mom we saw a frog outside! It was under the plastic rock.”
Mom looked puzzled, “Ummm, son. What plastic rock?”
Cheese replied, “The one on the side of the house. It’s dead now though.”
Mom was still puzzled, “Well what happened to it?”
Cheese broke under very little pressure, “Mack and Gary poked it and it died. I sat on the grass and watched.”
Mom yelled out the back door, “MACK! Get your behind in this house, RIGHT NOW!”
She turned around, “DAD! Come here, your son has something to tell you!”
Dad walked from upstairs in his man cave down to the living room, “What’s up? Which son has what to tell me?”
Mom spoke up, “Mack is going to tell you about the frog they found. Start talking, Maxwell!”
Mack looked surprised, “Well Cheese, Gary and I found a frog by the house. It wasn’t moving, so I poked it. Then Gary poked it and it moved. Then Cheese poked it!”
Cheese interrupted, “NO I DIDN’T!”
Dad shushed Cheese.
Mack finished, “Then Gary got the stick and poked it again and again until it stopped moving. I didn’t kill it. ”
Dad calculated, “So basically, y’all killed the frog!?” *awkward pause* “Matter of fact! Don’t answer that! Just go to your rooms!”