Mack begins to daydream, “I wonder what it is like to be an adult, Cheese. They seem to look at their phones a lot, go to work a lot… well used to go to work a lot, drive a lot, and talk a lot.”

“Out of that whole list, ‘drive a lot’ sounds the most fun!” Cheese said smiling. “I can only drive a little bit. Remember when we got our driver’s licenses from Brixland? They gave us a car, let us drive for about 15 minutes, and when we were finished they gave all of the kids licenses.”

“Yeah I remember that. I still have my license in my wallet. I wonder what it is like to go to work and get paid. Dad went to work everyday when it was dark and then came back home right before it got dark in the evenings. Who knows what he does when he is at work. I know it was something fun though. Because when he came home he was always happy and smiling. I think they play video games and work on computers all day. What I wouldn’t give to do that, man!” exclaimed Mack.

Cheese countered, “DUDE! Do you not remember the times he took us to work with him?! We played with play-doh, played bingo, ate snow cones and popcorn, drove golf carts, saw wild animals, and all that good stuff!”

Mack remembered, “OH YEAH! We did do that, huh!? I am ready to go back!”