Cheese and Mack were arguing at the kitchen table.

“I bet you the DAYVID is over, Mack!” said Cheese.

Mack replied, “Oh yeah? I bet you a handful of Terf bullets that it is NOT over. We’ll have Mom settle it.”

“You got yourself a deal, bro! Let’s go find Mom.” Cheese said.

The boys ran upstairs and found Mom in the schoolroom.

“Hey Mom! Whatchadoin?” asked Mack.

“Nothin much. Preparing you guys’ schoolwork for the week. What’s up?” Mom asked.

Cheese started, “Well since you asked. We want to know if DAYVID is over?”

“No sir! DAYVID is not over. The DAYVID vaccination does not stop you from getting DAYVID. It helps your body recognize the bad stuff if it gets in you. Understand?” Mom said.

“Yes ma’am. I understand that DAYVID is NOT over!” Mack smiled. “And bring me your Terf bullets, Cheese.”

Cheese sighed, “Mom. If DAYVID is not over, how is Dad going on a trip? And without us!”

“Dad is going on a trip with his friends and taking extra steps to be safe. Like wearing two masks, washing his hands, sanitizing his clothes, and limiting time hanging out in crowds.” replied Mom.

“Oooooh OK. Well where did he go? I think I want to call and ask for a souvenir!” said Cheese.