“I like Mom’s rule of ‘When public schools are out, we are out!’ The schools are out today, so we have a free day!” said Mack.

“But it’s a Wednesday, bro. Are you sure they are out today?” replied Cheese.

“Yeah bro! I saw it on the news. It’s not a holiday. They did it because of the weather. It’s supposed to be some bad weather coming in. Thunderstorms and tornados.” Mack reported.

Cheese sighed, “Well OK then. I need a school break anyway. All that Math and Science got my head hurting.”

Mack and Cheese continue to lay on Cheese’s floor for a bit. Then Mom called them.

“BOYS! Come here.” She yelled.

The boys came running down the stairs.

“Hey boys.” She continued. “I know schools are out today, but we are going to have a bit of school today. It’s bright out and there’s not a drop of rain in the sky right now. I think the weatherman got it wrong.”

Mack frowned, “Awww man. I just KNEW we were going to have a free day today. Can we at least have a short, short day today?!?”

“Yeah!” Cheese agreed.

Mom thought for a second. “If you guys can answer my four Math questions and four Carbon questions correctly, we can have a short, short day!”