“Come on, Dad. Let’s go downstairs and sit. I’m ready to hang out down there. I’m tired of sitting in my room. Change of scenery, Dad.” begged Mack.

Dad looked up at Mack, “Dude, I’m comfortable down here on your floor”.

“OK. Check this out. Go to your room and count to 11. I want to see if you can notice what I have changed in my room. Go!” said Mack.

“Really?” asked Dad. “How about if I just close my eyes and count to 11? 1-2-3-4-5…”

“No Dad. You have to get up and come back. You have to leave.” Mack directed him.

Dad got up, went to his room, counted to 11, went back to Mack’s door, and knocked.

“Come on in, Dad. OK. Look around and tell me what’s changed.” Mack said. “I’ll give you three guesses. Go!”

Dad smiled and looked around, “Hmmmm. You messed up your bed?”


“Well you need to make it up! Ummmm, you closed that book on the table?”

“No. Last chance.”

“OH! You moved your headphones!”

Mack’s eyes grew big. “How did you guess? That was supposed to be hard!”

“I know that you usually keep them on your table. But right now, they are in the chair for someone to sit on!” said Dad.

“Good job, Dad! Since you solved the mystery, you get to pick a game for us to play. Any game!” Mack told Dad.

“Cool. Let’s play Chess. Set up the board!” Dad decided.