“Boys! I signed you guys up for a few things that I think you may like.” said Dad.

“Well, what are they, Dad?” asked Mack.

“The first one is a building workshop at out home improvement store. Then I signed you guys up for the San Francisco Science Festival. It is going to be held virtually this year.” Dad informed the boys.

Cheese interrupted, “I remember that! It was at the San Francisco baseball field. And it was COLD!”

“Well it is usually chilly in The City, Cheese. But you are right.” agreed Dad.

Then Mack interrupted, “Well, Dad, can we go carve more pumpkins? Mom has five sitting in the kitchen collecting dust. Do you think she will let us carve another one?”

Dad informed them, “Well the pumpkins are a part of the other thing I signed you guys up for. It is a carving contest down at the pumpkin patch, and it is only for kids.”

“COOL!” The boys said at the same time.

“I am going to carve a Revenger!” Mack said excitedly.

“Well I am going to carve a quarter into the side of mine.” countered Cheese.

Dad got the boys settled down, “Let’s start off with something easy first, guys. Like another face!”