Dad sent Cheese to go get today’s mail from the mailbox. As he looked through the mail, he began to smile. “It worked.” Cheese whispered to himself. Then he ran back into the house.

“MACK! It worked!” Cheese shouted.

Mack sighed, “What are you yelling about this time?!”

Cheese held the red envelope up over his head, “THIS! It is a letter from Santa! He got our email! I’m gonna open it!”

Cheese smiled, opened the top of the envelope, and began to read it to himself. His smile never left his face.
Cheese gasped, “Oh my gosh! Mrs. Claus AND elves are real!”

Mack was ready to hear what Santa said, “What does it say, bro?”

“I am not saying. You have to wait until Christmas… like everyone else. I am about to write him back! Dad, can we borrow your computer again?” asked Cheese.

“I am not helping you again, dude! You won’t tell me what the letter says. PLUS Christmas is like tomorrow. Santa is probably out delivering toys as we speak!” said Mack.

Cheese started having second thoughts, “Maybe you are right, bro! I will just save this for next year. I should be working on my birthday list anyway. The list will make it to Mom and Dad on time! No more late letters from me!”