So when Mack & Cheese got to the Mr. Jeffrey’s store, the line was out of the door!
“I hope there are some toys left.” Mack said.
“Yeah.” Cheese agreed. “These kids have their bags STUFFED!”
When the boys got inside, Mom made them all stick together. It was packed. And surprisingly, the shelves were too! The employee saw the surprised look on their faces. “What you see on the shelves now is all that we have left. Please buy all of it, guys!” she said with a laugh. She looked tired.
Mom pushed the cart, while Mack & Cheese shopped.
“I’m getting this, this and these!” Mack said as he threw stickers, coloring books, robots, and a yo-yo.
“And I’m getting these.” challenged Cheese throwing in Brix building blocks, Terf guns, and video games.
Mom looked at the boys, “I’m not so sure about this guys.” as they reached the cash register.
The cashier rung them up and said, “$298.47”.
Mack gave Mom his $15.02 and Cheese surrendered his $7.86. “Guys, $22 dollars and 86 cents isn’t enough to buy all of this. If your father and I pay the rest, you guys won’t be getting any toys for the rest of your lives.” she said.
Mack looked at Cheese. Cheese nodded. Mack turned to Mom and said “DEAL!”