Mack stopped sketching on his pad for a second and asked Cheese, “When do you think Dad will call us downstairs to help him set up a tent for tonight?”

Cheese laughed, “Bro. I do not think we will be backyard camping tonight. Dad is in the driveway changing oil.”

Mack sighed, “Well in that case, let us take matters into our own hands. Time to go to the garage.” Mack and Cheese snuck past Mom watching TV in the living room. Then they ran into an obstacle! Dad was in the garage!

Mack whispered to Cheese, “I need you to get under the car with Dad and do not let him come from under the car until I sneeze… well, fake sneeze. I am going to find the tent.”

“Fake sneeze. Got it.” said Cheese. “Hey Dad! How much work do we have left to do in our oil change?”

“OUR oil change? You just got here!” Dad laughed.

“Yessir. I am ready to get my hands dirty.” Cheese said.

Meanwhile, Mack is having trouble finding the tent. There was a lot of dust on the boxes Mack looked in… it made him sneeze!

“Bless you.” said Dad.

“Well my work here is done!” said Cheese.

“But you did not do anything!” Dad said.