“Hand me a green chalk, Cheese.” Mack requested.

Mack and Cheese were in the middle of the driveway doodling with chalk. It was nice weather outside, so Mom sat outside with the boys.

“Here you go, Mack! A nice bright green!”, said Cheese.
“This is perfect. I’ll draw my turtle with this bright green and color his shell with a different color.” Designed Mack.

“Sounds like a plan, dude. I’m almost done with my bunny rabbit. The can have a race across the driveway. Tortoise and the hare style!” thought Cheese.

“From the looks of it, my turtle is going to win! You drew your rabbit a lot smaller than my turtle.” Laughed Mack.

Cheese replied, “Well I’ll just draw big feet on him. That way only one hop will get him across the driveway and I WIN!”

“Nah! I don’t think…” Mack started.

Mack interrupted, “Shhh! Listen! Do you hear that?!”

“I sure do!” Mack said with a smile.

“Mom! That’s the ice cream truck. Can we get some money?” Cheese asked.