“Mack. It is past time for one of us to get our driver’s license. And by ‘one of us’, I mean you! I need to go to the store. I need batteries and a new Terf gun.” said Cheese.

Mack looked confused. “Dude. I am almost 10. I have driven a car twice in my life. And both of those times were at Brixland! Hmmm. Now that I think about it, you may have a point! I did pretty well those two times. We would have to take Mom’s car, I cannot reach the pedals in Dad’s big truck.” said Mack.

“As long as I get to the store, I do not care what you drive!” said Cheese.

“Hey! Wait a minute! Why are you asking me to drive? Where’s Mom and Dad?” asked Mack.

“Oh! They are both asleep taking a midday nap.” replied Cheese.

“Oh! Well in that case, let’s go get the keys.” said Mack.

The boys stepped out into the hallway and walked to Mom and Dad’s door. They looked in. They were both fast asleep. Mack pointed to the stairs and they tiptoed to the kitchen.

“OK Cheese. Where does Mom keep her car keys?” asked Mack.

Cheese replied, “How should I know? I have never driven before!”

“Wait here. I’m gonna go ask Mom!” Mack said.