“Hey Cheese, I had a dream last night!” Mack said as he ate his cereal at the breakfast table.

“Oh yeah!? What about?” Cheese replied.

Mack recalled, “I dreamt that we were on vacation in the mountains and it was snowing. We bought a sled and went up and down this snow packed hill all day. It was so much fun! Then we built a snowman and we called him ‘Snowy’. To top it off, when we got back to the hotel, we had a snowball fight with Mom and Dad. Mom ended up dumping a bucket of snow on my head. It was FREEZING!”

Cheese interrupted the story, “Stop right there! That wasn’t a dream, Mack! That was a flashback to the other day when we had a snowball fight in the backyard!

Mack thought, “Oh! Hmmm! Well, in my dream, we won the snowball fight! We didn’t win a couple of days ago.”

Cheese lifted his head up from his bowl of oatmeal and said, “Well let me tell you about my dream, Mack. It’s a good one. We were on a train in our pajamas. We went through a tunnel and…”