“Dad! There’s someone at the front door. Can I answer it?” asked Cheese.

“NO!” Mom and Dad shouted at the same time. Dad jumped up from the couch.

“You guys are too young to be answering the door by yourself. It could be dangerous. We need to get one of those video doorbells. But for now, only answer the door when we tell you to. OK?” said Dad.

“OK” replied Cheese.

“Who is it?!” Dad asked the door.

The door spoke back, “It’s Gary! Can the boys come out to play?”

“Sure they…” Dad was interrupted by Mack and Cheese running past him and opening the front door.

“You guys know the rules. ‘IN the house when the street lights come on!’ Dad said and closed the front door.

“Hey Gary! We got your birthday party invitation in the mail the other day. Thanks for inviting us.” said Mack.

“Of course I would invite you guys. We are like brothers.” said Gary.

Cheese started, “We got you some gifts, bro. I think you will like them. Mack picked you out a nice…”

“CHEESE!” Mack interrupted. “Don’t tell him what we got him! It’s supposed to be a surprise!”

Cheese agreed, “Oh yeah. You’re right! Forget I said anything, Gary.” Cheese whispered, “I’ll tell you later. Remind me.”

Mack changed the subject, “We are gonna have big fun at The Bouncing House! I love that place. I’m so ready for this party!”