Mack looked at Cheese and said, “Mom and Dad say we’re so picky when it comes to eating!”

Cheese replied sounding annoyed, “I know right!? I can’t help it if I like what I like! Gimme my oatmeal and chicken nuggets! Y’all can keep the rest!”

“…and corn dogs!” Mack added.

“YES! I like corn dogs too!” agreed Cheese.

“Well you know I only like sub sandwiches, beef patties, pizza, fruit, smoothies, and bacon…cheeseburgers. And ribs, can’t forget the ribs! And not in any particular order!” Mack listed.

Mom called upstairs, “MACK! CHEESE! Come downstairs. It’s time to eat.”

[If you don’t learn anything else from our family is that we eat meals together as much as we can.]

Mack and Cheese sprinted down the stairs; the smell of dinner is growing stronger!

Mom commanded, “WASH YOUR HANDS!”

And the boys rerouted to the half bath.

They came out of the bathroom like twins and asked “What’s for dinner, Mom?” at the same time!

She answered, “Cabbage, rice, BBQ chicken and salad.”

Mack argued, “We don’t want that!”

Mom’s reply was straight to the point, “Well don’t eat!”