“The best part of being at the beach is the sand. We get to move it around and shape it the way we want. As long as we have a cup or bucket to wet the sand.” Said Mack.

“What should we make this time, bro? Last time was a castle with a moat.” Asked Cheese.

“I saw this done on TV once. We dig a hole deep and long enough for one of us to lie in. Someone lies in the hole and then we cover the person up to his neck. And finally, we mold a sand body under the neck.” Replied Mack.

“Ummm OK, but you are gonna be the one to get in the hole and get covered.” Said Cheese.

He was nervous about getting covered under all of that sand, so he told Mack to get in.

“Let’s start digging.” Said Mack.

Mack laid down and Cheese measured how long the hole needed to be. It took about 30 minutes for the boys to move all of that sand.

“You ready to get in Mack?” smiled Cheese.

Mack looked at the hole and said, “Sure! Cover me up! BUT only up to me neck! Not over my head.”

Putting the sand over Mack took less time than digging the hole.

Mack laughed, “This sand is cold.”