Mack, Cheese and Gary are all playing in the backyard. All of a sudden Mack stops playing and decides that he has something to say. He runs over to the garden and grabs the stool, steps up and starts talking.

“Brothers and friends! Lend me your ears!” Mack started. “For the past three months, we’ve been dealing with this Daytonavirus or as Mom and Dad like to call it, DAYVID-20. As you know it has limited our activities! I CAN’T go to my horseback riding lessons. I CAN’T see my other homeschool friends that I used to hang out with. I CAN’T go to the store with Mom or Dad to buy some Brix or a new Terf gun!… I JUST CAN’T! And I’m sick of it! When will this all be over?! Brother Cheese will you like to share your thoughts?” Finishes Mack as he steps down from the garden stool.

Cheese accepts the offer, pats Mack on his shoulder and steps up on the stool. “I feel your pain brother! These past three months have been rough. I just can’t either! I CAN’T go sit in my favorite restaurants! The food tastes different when it’s to-go! UNLESS it’s from a food truck! I love how our neighborhood has food trucks coming through every weekend! Now that’s one thing we can keep going on around here after DAYVID is over!” Cheese continued, “I CAN’T go to the movies! I enjoy seeing my Black Jaguar and Revenger movies on the big screen! Watching new movies at home has a different feel. The lighting is all off! And finally, I CAN’T play sports with my teams! I like hanging out and talking to my teammates. I’m ready to get out and play again! But for now, we’re stuck at home because we CAN’T!”

As Cheese finishes up, Mom calls from the back door, “Boys! It’s time to come inside!” They didn’t even notice that the street lights were on. Dad told them the other day that the street lights come on around 8:37pm. Time for bed!