“Hey boys. Get your jackets on.” Shouted Dad.

Cheese came down stairs first, attempting to put one of his arms into his jacket’s sleeve. “Where are we going, Dad?” he asked.

Then Mack came down, stumbling on the last step.

“You OK?” Mom asked.

“Yes, ma’am. I’m OK. I just miscounted the steps. Where are we going?” Mack asked.

“Guys. Can we just go somewhere when you don’t ask ‘Where are we going?’ or ‘Are we there yet?’ But if you must know, we are going to get the Daytonavirus vaccine.” Explained Dad.

“Umm. I don’t like the sound of this.” Said Cheese. “What is a vaccine?”

“I am not a doctor nor a medical scientist, but a vaccine helps boost your immune system to help fight against certain illnesses.” Said Dad.

“Illnesses like the Daytonavirus?” asked Mack.

Dad answered, “Yes, son, like the Daytonavirus. So once we take it, we will have a better chance of feeling better if we were to catch DAYVID.”

“OK, I think I get it, Dad. This is to help keep us healthy, right?” said Cheese.

“That is exactly right, son. Some people still do not think that DAYVID is real. It is very real. We must do our part to protect ourselves.” Said Dad.