“Cheese! We are going to Nana’s house TODAY!” Mack said excitedly.

“For reals?!” asked Cheese.

“Yeah! I heard Mom tell Nana that we are coming.” confirmed Mack.

Cheese looked at Mack with a concerned look. “’Coming’ does not mean ‘today’. I am going to ask Mom.”

Mom was at her computer in the schoolroom.

“Hey Mom. What time are we going to Nana’s house today?” Cheese asked.

“At NONE o’clock! We are not going to Nana’s house today. We are going next week. BUT we all have to get DAYVID tested first.” answered Mom.

Fear rushed over Cheese’s face. He and Mack watched Mom and Dad get DAYVID tested months ago.

“Are they gonna shove a long q-tip up our noses too? I remember when they did that to you and Dad.” Cheese inquired.

“I think so. Why what’s wrong?” replied Mom.

“Well if they have to stick that thing in my nose, I don’t wanna go to Nana’s house. It looks painful!” whined Cheese.

Mom laughed, “It doesn’t hurt until they touch your brain!”

Cheese gasped.

“I’m only kidding. You’ll be fine, son” assured Mom.