“This Daytonavirus got everyone going crazy, Cheese.” Mack said. “The school kids are getting kicked out, while us homeschool kids still have to get our lessons. Does that seem fair to you?”

Cheese replied, “As long as I don’t get sick, I’m fine with having to get a little work done. Besides I love being homeschooled!”

Mack agreed, “You’re right! Mom does a great job of teaching us and making sure we learn all that we can, even when she fusses at us.”

Cheese questioned, “How long do you thing this DAYVID-20 is gonna last?”

Mack thought for a bit and replied.

“I’m not sure but it must be big if the largest theme park in the world, Brixland, is closing for 2 weeks.”

Cheese interrupted, “Enough of the politics, let’s get back to these games!”

Mack asked, “Are you going to get the YouKno cards? Or do you want to play Connected 4?”

Cheese smiled and said, “I’ll surprise you!”