Mack and Cheese looked at Dad puzzled.

Mack spoke up, “Uh, Dad. What are you crying about?”

“I’m not crying, guys. I was just thinking about some things and some people. This DAYVID stuff is really crazy, guys! These are some unforgettable times.” said Dad as he walked away.

When Dad disappeared down the stairs, Mack noticed the bookshelf. He stared at the book right by the school desk’s chair. It was his DAYVID journal. “Hey Cheese. I think I’m gonna sit down for a bit and write in my DAYVID-20 journal for a bit. Like Dad, I’ve got some things on my mind too. I feel like writing.”

Cheese saw his blue DAYVID journal beside Mack’s and said, “OK. Write enough for me. I’m outta here.” And walked back to his room.

Mack mumbled, “You’ll be back!” He grabbed his journal from the shelf, found a pencil, and began to write… in cursive!

Wen daytonavirus is over I am going to be happy. Write now I am sad some times. I cannot go to my swimming lessons or play soccer with my team. I also want to see Nana. I do not understand it. Wen will it all be over?

Mack put down his pencil, closed his journal, closed his eyes, and thought about the good days of swimming and playing with others.

“Eventually it’ll happen again.” He thought.