“Wake up, Mack! Mom says that the DAYVID is over! And everything’s back open. I think we can go back outside now.” said Cheese.

Mom overheard the statements and corrected Cheese, “I said that Georgia is lifting some of their DAYVID restrictions, like dining in restaurants and going to church. I didn’t say the pandemic is over.”

“Ok, correction. Georgia is reopened, not everywhere else.” Cheese said.

Mack sat up in his bed, “Even that’s good news! Let me get dressed! It’s time for a field trip!”

“OK, let me make up my bed, get dressed, go downstairs, and figure out how we’re going to get Mom and Dad to take us to Georgia!” Cheese planned.

Mack bragged, “I just have to brush my teeth and I’ll be ready to go!”

Cheese gave him a weird look, “Dude you still have on your pajamas! Get some real clothes on!”

The boys got dressed and headed downstairs to find Mom and Dad. They were standing at the kitchen counter.

Cheese started, “Hey Mom! Hey Dad! Are we going to Georgia today? I hear that we can go and eat in restaurants now.”

Dad was about to speak when Mom said, “Let me handle this, Dad.” Then she turned to Mack and Cheese. “Obviously I wasn’t clear enough when I mentioned this earlier. GEORGIA’s government… not ours, we live in South Carolina… Georgia’s government has opened up SOME places. The medical professionals have not said that it’s safe to be out and about! Even the Mayor of Atlanta says it’s not safe. Some people may return to the outside, but for this house… we’re inside unless necessary!”

The lights in the boys’ eyes went out. There would be no field tripping today and it sounds like not for a little while.

Mack asked, “Well can we play video games?!”

Mom and Dad agreed, “Sure, just as long as you don’t fight!”