“Get out of my room, Mack! NOW!” yelled Cheese.

“Can I borrow your video game before I go?” asked Mack.

Cheese stared at Mack, “For the last time, NO! Just go, dude. I’m tired of you telling me how to do things in my room. I’ll let you know when you can come back in here.”

Mack sighed and walked out of Cheese’s room.

He pulled his DAYVID journal down off of the shelf. “Man, it’s been 2 months since I wrote in this thing. Let’s see. What has happened in the past 2 DAYVID months? Dad got vaccinated. He said he felt fine after his shot. One of my uncles had DAYVID, he was tired and had the chills. He feels better now though. And the President said that we should be able to visit with family and friends by Juneteenth!”

Mack put down his pen and went to find Mom. She was sitting in the kitchen drinking a cup of hot tea.

“Hey Mack!” she said.

“Hey Mom! It is true that everything is going back to normal after Juneteenth like the President said?” asked Mack.

Mom laughed, “Things are never going back to normal after DAYVID. There will be what we should call a ‘next’ normal. That way we get to decide it it’s normal or not.” replied Mom.