Today was Nature Class day down by the river.

“What’s that?” asked Cheese.

“That is a crayfish, some people call it a crawfish.” Cheese’s teacher said.

“Well I call it weird and it looks like a lobster! Can I call it a baby lobster, Ms. Robinson?” Cheese asked.

Ms. Robinson answered, “Sure you can, Cheese. They are related to lobsters. Where I am from in Oakdale, Louisiana, we eat them! Suck the head and eat the tail, is how you do it!”

“Sounds gross.” Cheese interrupted.

“They are actually pretty good. When I was around your age, I would hold a crawfish claw between my lips like one was in there trying to get out.” She laughed.

Cheese made a silly face, “YUCK! I do not want to eat that! It’s all dirty!”

“Of course you are not going to eat it alive! You could get sick or hurt yourself.” warned Ms. Robinson.

“Maybe I will ask my Mom if she knows how to cook these! She is the best chef. I bet she could!” bragged Cheese.