“Halloween was eight months ago and we still have our costumes. Mack was a transforming robot and I was Black Jaguar from the country of Wywonder.” Cheese was having a conversation with Dad. “Can we wear our costumes when we go out to the store?”
“As long as they still fit, you can. BUT if either costume has turned into short pants or high waters, you wear regular clothes.” Dad replied.
“YES!!” Mack exclaimed. “One day I’m going to be a real transforming robot.”
“No you’re not! You’re already a real person. You’re stuck like that! People don’t turn into robots!” Cheese objected.
“Dad! Is he right?” Mack challenged.
Dad started, “He’s almost right. While you can’t become a robot… on second thought there were a couple of movies where people were half robot and half human! Isn’t Zamora’s sister from Guardians of the Universe half robot?”
Cheese answered, “As a matter of fact she’s 100% robot, BUT I’m sure Black Jaguar’s sister can make a half human-half robot!”
Mack boasted, “Well thanks for proving my point! Take me to Wywonder, Cheese, so I can ask Zuli to turn me into a robot!”
Dad got up to leave the room and said, “You guys have GREAT imaginations, don’t ever let that go away! You can be anything you put your mind to!”