“Mack is DAYVID over yet?” inquired Cheese.

“Bro, that is a good question! I do not think it is though. Why what’s up?” answered Mack.

Cheese sighed, “I’m ready to go visit family. I remember when Dad would wake us up and say something like ‘We’re going to Auntie’s house later. Pack a bag.’ I miss that.”

“Man I do too! Homeschool is cool, but it got a lot cooler when he would do that. When we finished our work on those days, we would be gone in an hour. Straight to her house! THEN she would take us to the Brix store and buy us some more Brix!” said Mack.

“I’ve saved a lot of money since DAYVID began, I think I’ve got about $20 in my wallet. This is making me sad. Hand me my sketchpad. I want to draw.” Cheese said.

Mack agreed, “Yeah, we need to do something to get our minds off of that. I think I’m going to draw too.”

Mack pulled out his tablet and found a drawing tutorial for the both of them.

“Wait, Mack! Let’s do that one. The stuffed turkey one… it’s Thanksgiving time. I bet Auntie is waiting for us to visit her. Let’s call her after this!” suggested Cheese.

Mack asked, “What’s her phone number?”