“Hand me the remote, dude.” requested Mack.

“What are you about to watch?” Cheese asked.

“I am not sure. I am gonna flip through the channels and see what is on.” said Mack.

Mack surfed through channels of cartoons, game shows, the news, sports, and food shows.

“STOP RIGHT THERE!” shouted Cheese.

Teams of chefs and their helpers were running here and there. Stirring and tasting! Flipping and tasting!

“This is the ‘Don’t Screw It Up’ Challenge!” Cheese said excitedly. “If I was on this show, I would make my best cookies and cakes.”

“Dude! You probably would win! How do we get onto the show? You probably would have to find a team.” encouraged Mack.

Cheese agreed, “OK. I already have my team!”

Mack was stunned, “WHO?”

“For starters, YOU, Mom and Dad! Who else would it be? Teams are made up of 4 people. You guys are my 3 and always will be!” Cheese smiled.