The whirring sound of the mixer made its way upstairs and into the boys’ rooms.

“What’s that noise?!” asked Mack.

“It sounds like the Baker’s Aid mixer we got Mom for her birthday!” Cheese replied as he jumped from his bed and headed downstairs to the kitchen. “That’s music to my ears, Mom! What are you making? And can I help?”

Mom replied, “I’m making my famous peanut butter and jelly cookies! Not this time, buddy. I’m almost finished. How about next time?”

“OK” Cheese said glumly. Then he perked up. “Gary’s outside! Can I go play?”

“Yes! But don’t go anywhere where you can’t hear me call your name.” Mom said.

Mack came walking down the stairs.

“Hey Mom. When can I get a haircut again? It’s getting too long.”

Mom took a long pause before speaking. “Well the Gub’na says that barbershops are essential, so they can reopen. BUT DAYVID-20 is not under control yet. So our house will not be going to the newly essential businesses just yet. So it may be a little while longer before you get that haircut, son.”

“OK, I guess. Mom. What does ‘essential’ mean? And where’s Cheese?” Mack asked.