“Aww man! It stinks in here, Mack!” said Cheese as he held his nose.

“Well. I just passed gas and you just walked into its stink cloud! Everyone has gas from time to time. What do you want anyway?” asked Mack.

“Oh I’m about to have a drawing lesson with Dad. I think we are drawing gingerbread houses.” Cheese replied.

“BOYS! Con on downstairs. We are about to get started.” Dad yelled.

Mack was now confused. Dad usually has Art class upstairs in the schoolroom. The boys got downstairs and saw Mom and Dad standing at the kitchen table. There were holding two gingerbread house boxes.

“Cheese. I thought you said we were drawing gingerbread houses. We are about to BUILD some!” Mack smiled. “Delicious!”

Mom announced, “OK guys. Listen up! We are about to have Gingerbread House Build-Off 2020! One kid and one adult. Cheese will be with Dad and Mack is on my team. We are gonna see who can build the best gingerbread house. There is no time restriction. Just do your best and have fun! On your mark, get set, GO!”

With Christmas music playing in the background, construction began.

“Hey Dad. Let’s put some gum drops over here and some sprinkles on the side.” said Cheese.

“Yeah, that will look great! Good suggestion.” agreed Dad.

“Hey Mack! No looking at our house until we are done! Our house will blow yours away!” said Cheese.