“RIBS!” shouted Cheese. “Mack! Dad is on the grill. I think he is cooking ribs. I love ribs!”

“I know you do! While we wait for the food to get ready, let’s finish our artwork. Mom and Dad got us our favorite colors from the store. I asked for yellow and black.” Said Mack.

“And I asked for red and blue. I am going to get my canvas from the closet.” Cheese said.

“Mom! Can you pour the paints for us?” Mack asked as he placed his canvas onto the easel.

Mom poured the paints into individual cups and placed a brush into each one.

Cheese complimented her, “You are the best art teacher ever! I think I am going to paint you, Mom. Sit right there. I will need some brown though. Hmmm, I do not see any brown. Did you buy brown, Mom?”

Mom replied, “I did not. BUT you can always mix colors to make brown.”

Mack overheard their conversation and wondered outloud about what colors make brown.
“Red + Yellow = Orange,
Blue + Red = Purple, and
Yellow + Blue = Green
What colors make brown? Hmmmm.”