“Bro! Where did the heat go? Someone turned on the AC outside and forgot to turn it off. It is COLD out them doors! I just had shorts on yesterday!” said Mack.

“Hey Silexa, what’s the temperature?” asked Cheese.

“The current outside temperature is 56 degrees Fahrenheit.” She responded.

“Yeah, I’m staying inside today, buddy! Nothing good out there for me. My fingers will freeze off.” Announced Cheese.

Mack thought for a second, “While I too will stay inside, it’s not because my fingers will fall off. It’s because it is drizzling outside too. I’ gonna make some hot chocolate.”

Mack fixed two cups. One for him and the other for Cheese. They sat on the couch discussing life over a cup of hot cocoa.

“Hey bro. You ever think about learning how to fly a plane?” said Cheese.

“All the time, bro! Look out the window and see the clouds. I like imagining what it’s like to fly through clouds that look like dragons and turtles.” Mack replied.

“No. No. No. I’m talking about learning how to fly in order to see the world! Imagine all of the places you can go and how fast you can get there! I also think about getting a dog too… a poodle or somethin’.” Said Cheese.