Mom was putting on her gardening work boots when she said, “Guys! It’s time to go outside! I’m doing some gardening work.” And she took her tools to the backyard.
Mack and Cheese ran past her, almost knocking the tools out of her hands.

“Sorry Mom!” Mack yelled back at her.

“Hey Mack. Watch me climb this tree.” said Cheese.
He had been attempting to climb this tree for the past two months to no success. This time was different. He made it half way to the top!
Cheese yelled down, “I made it!”

Mack congratulated him, “Good job, Cheese!”

Gary came running across the backyard, “Ah! That’s nothing! I can go higher than that!”
Mack came to Cheese’s defense, “Hey be nice, Gary! This is the highest he’s ever gotten.”
Gary bragged, “So what! I can go twice as high and twice as fast. He’s SLOW!!”

Mack balled up his fist and was starting to get upset, “If you can’t be nice, you need to leave and find another tree.”
“Yeah!” said Cheese still up in the tree. “If you can’t be nice to people, we don’t want to play with you!”

Mom overhearing the exchange looked back at the boys from the garden and smiled. “We’ve taught them well.” she whispered.