“It is ride time, Cheese! Let’s go grab our bike helmets! said Mack.

“YES! Where are we gonna go?” asked Cheese.

“Well first, we gotta wait for Mom and Dad to decide the route for our daily walk and bike ride!” replied Mack.

The boys were headed downstairs and were making their way through the kitchen to the garage when they overheard Dad talking to Mom.

“Let’s take today’s walk along the wooded trail! We just had a light rain, so it will not be dusty to mess up your hair!” Dad said. “Boys! Get your helmets and bikes. We will meet you in the garage in a sec.”

The trail was just like Dad said ‘non-dusty’ BUT it was muddier than expected.

“Mack! I just drifted my bike! My back wheel slid me around in a circle! It was so cool! Mom, did you see that!?” exclaimed Cheese.

“Bro! Look at your bike! It has red mud all over it! AND look at your shoes! Geeesh!” Mack laughed.

Cheese replied, “Keep laughin’ bro! At least I do not have a line of mud going up the middle of my back like you do!”

Mack tried to look at his back. He is not an owl, so he could not see back there. Mom and Dad laughed at the boys. These walking trips were pretty fun.

“Ok boys, we have completed our mile. Time to head back to the house. When we get there, you boys need to spray all of that mud off of your bikes BEFORE you put them in the garage. We can’t even see their lime green and red paint jobs!” said Mom.