Brix blocks were scattered all over Mack’s floor.

Cheese walked in, “OUCH! You got these blocks all over the floor, bro!”

“Hey! It’s my room! I can set booby traps in here if I want. Watch where you step next time. These are to keep Mom and Dad out. Just tip toe the rest of the way over here and you’ll be fine.” Replied Mack.

Cheese navigated his way to an open spot beside Mack.

“What are you building? It looks like a circus tent.” Said Cheese.

“It sure is a circus tent. I enjoyed the circus the other day so I’m making a tent right now.” Mack said.

“Cool. I’ll make shapes that look like animals. I need grey for elephants, orange for tigers, brown for lions, and white for horses.” Added Cheese.

Mack thought for a bit, “You can make animals or you can make clown cars and cannons to shoot the clowns.”

“Clowns don’t get shot out of cannons, bro! Daredevils do!” explained Cheese.

“Well here at the Two Brothers Circus, we shoot clowns from cannons.” Said Mack.

“Since you put it that way, I guess we will be shooting clowns from cannons. Can I make a double cannon, so we can shoot them side by side at the same time?” Cheese asked.