“Do a little dance! Have a little fun! It’s goin down today!” Mack sang.

For the past month, Mack and Cheese have watched the amount of gifts under the Christmas tree gradually increase. And every week for the past month, the boys have counted those gifts.

“Today is the day we find out if we get the stuff on our wish lists.” Mack said to himself. “Santa. Did you hear us?!”

He walked over to Cheese’s room and whispered, “Cheese. Wake up. It’s Christmas morning. It’s gift time.”

Cheese rolled over and looked at Mack standing by his bed. It was still dark outside.

“Bro, what time is it? It’s still dark out there!” Cheese replied.

Mack looked at the alarm clock on Cheese’s bookcase.
“The time does not matter, bro! Let’s go look at our gifts! If it will make you get out of bed faster, it is 6:30. Come on!” said Mack.

“6:30? Mom and Dad are still sleep. If we are going to do this, we gotta be quiet as we head downstairs.”

The boys put on their slippers and quietly headed down the hall. Even though Mom and Dad’s door was closed, they crawled by that door. As they got closer to the top of the stairs, they realized they were not the only ones awake. Mom and Dad were up drinking tea. The stairs creaked and they looked up.

Mom smiled, “Good morning, guys! Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas! We came to look at our gifts!” said Mack.

“We figured you would. We know you guys have been moving the gifts under the tree. Gifts are good, just as long as you remember that Jesus is the reason for this Christmas season!” said Dad.