“About 24 days ago, I figured out how to play Chess. When Dad was teaching me, I thought it would be just like Checkers. But it is not. I have yet to beat Dad. Just when I think I have got him, he says something like, ‘STOP! Before you touch a piece, think about where you want to move it. Think about what could happen after the move.’ And a whole bunch of other stuff. I just gotta keep playin. That is the only way I will get better.” said Mack.

Cheese sighed, “Are you done talking yet? That was a lot of talk for something I do not fully understand. Right now, I should be concentrating on these cookies in the oven!”

“Well what else do we have to talk about?” asked Mack.

“Like everything, Bro! We can talk about playing with Brix, going on a field trip or vacation, hanging out with friends… ANYTHING! Ohhh! I got something! Let’s talk about Dad’s new bow and arrow set!” suggested Cheese.

“Dude! He is not going to let us shoot that thing. We have our own bow. I think we may share some arrows though.” Mack said.

“Good point. That thing is new and huge! Maybe when we are older.” agreed Cheese.