“Dad look what I drawed!” Cheese boasted and held up his picture.

Dad asked, “Uh, what is it? Looks like an arch!”

“It’s a short rainbow. Can you put it on the internet?” Cheese asked.

Dad looked confused, “On the internet? Where at on the internet? It’s pretty big!”

Cheese sighed, “Put it somewhere on your phone! Take a picture of it and put it on the internet. This is frustrating, Dad!” He was starting to get exhausted explaining what seemed to be a simple process.

Mack interrupted, “What he means Dad is for you to take a picture and put it on social media, like The Book or Instantgram.”

“Oh! Well let’s get a picture and get it on the internet. I’m sure folks will love to see your picture!” Dad said before he snapped the picture and posted it to our Instantgram account @mackandcheeseeveryday

Mack goes to Instantgram on the computer, “Look Cheese! There it is! It’s post number 12!”

Cheese said embarrassingly, “DAD! Why did you tell the people I made you post this picture on the internet?!”

Dad laughed, “Because you did!”